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Performing regular maintenance on your vehicle will increase the life span for many years to come.  Homer's offers various services to help your investment last.   One of our Advanced services is the Automatic Transmission Flush that will add years to the life of your Transmission.  Let us take care of your Maintenace needs!  



Brakes are serious component of safety and reliability for you and your passengers.  When you compromise your braking efficiency, you compromise safety.  A routine inspection of your braking system will ensure a piece of mind when it comes to braking.

Tip:  If you notice squealing or the wheel jerking under breaking power its time for a brake check!  Wheel vibration under braking is an indicator of warped or warn rotors. 


Regular routine services including Oil Changes and Tune-ups will help keep your  and the engine clean and in tip top shape.  A happy engine makes a happy owner. 

Tip: Homer's uses Synthetic Blend Oil in every oil change.  We recommend changing the oil every 3-5000 miles.  IF you prefer Full Synthetic or specfic brands we have those as well.  We stock all major Brands! 


Homer's Automotive strives to be your one stop shop.  We offer most major tire  brands at very competitive Prices.  Let us Quote your tire needs today!  ​

Tip:  The key to perserving the life of your tires is to rotate on a regulare basis.  Buy 4 Tires at Homer's and we will rotate the tires free for life at your next service. 

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